[ENG] FT Island Excite Music


All: Everyone who is watching excite music, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

HK: Happy New Year!
JJ: Yo~
HK: I love you.
JH: Yeah. I’m guitarist Jonghun.
MH: I’m drummer Minhwan.
SH: I’m guitarist Seunghyun.
HK: I’m vocalist Hongki.
JJ: I’m bassist Jaejin.
HK: Happy New Year.
JJ: Yo.
HK: I love you.
JJ: Yo.
HK: {A/N: Can’t decipher this, sorry!}
JJ: Yeah~

-Looking back on 2012

JJ: Last year… Jonghun hyung, was there anything that happened? We released albums, and even held the Saitama Super Arena concert. Then we also individually had our own work activities. It was a busy but awesome year.

-The most exciting part about 2012

JJ: Is there anything?
HK: For me, it’s the part when we went to play at the club on Minhwan’s birthday.
JJ: In Korea.
HK: Yeah~ In Korea, playing like that is the most exciting. In the whole of last year, it left the deepest impression (on me).
JJ: A lot of people gathered to play with us.
HK: That day, it was really our world. At that time, I really thought like this.
JH: For me, it’s the tears at the Saitama Super Arena.
JJ: What about Minhwan?
MH: Dancing at the Saitama Super Arena.
{Parts here are not clear enough, sorry!}
HK: But the reason why the Saitama Super Arena left a deep impression is because of the stage design. From the beginning till the end, we discussed a lot and prepared a lot. Thereafter, we were praised that the end result we presented was not bad, so we had deep impressions.

-Goals and Theme for 2013

HK: I hope for a break.
JJ: Vacation.
HK: I really don’t have any leisure time.
JJ: Recently, Hongki has really been busy, but I’ve been really relaxed. For me, I hope that in this year, we can release more albums, do more songs, hold more live performances… I want to have more chances to meet the fans.
HK: Before that, don’t you want to have a break?
JJ: Up till now, I’ve always been in a holiday mood. I’m sorry.
JH: It’s very attractive.
MH: Everyone who’s watching excite music, from today onwards, no matter whether it’s for live performances or other activities, we will do our best. Please show us your support.

(Translation) http://ww2.sinaimg.cn/large/bf0966b9gw1e0dvrk5il1j.jpg 
(Original) http://www.excite.co.jp/music/newyear/?artist_id=21


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