[08.10.12] FT Island bei ‘2 O’Clock’ (ENG)

On October 8th 2012, FT island stopped by the studio of KBS COOL FM  ‘Hong Jin Kyung’s 2 o’clock.’ (a.k.a Hongsi). DJ Hong Jin Kyung, however, was away on a vacation, and singer Lyn took over the DJ seat.

** FT Island, Say Hello To Hongsi

JH: “Hello, Hongsi family members. I’m guitarist Jonghun. It’s nice to meet you.”

MH: “Hi, I’m drummer Choi Minhwan.”

HK: “My nickname in elementary school was ‘Hongsi.’ Hello, I’m Lee Hongki.”

JJ: “I’m bassist Jaejin, hello.”

SH: “I’m guitarist Seunghyun.”

The last time FT Island appeared on the show, they took part in ‘absolute inspiration quiz,’ and aced it right away. So Hongki got to flick the show’s producer on the forehead. Apparently, he enjoyed it a little too much.

HK: “Flicking somebody on the forehead is the only joy in my life. And I got the great honor of doing so on the producer. He has a really big forehead. It’s perfect to give it a flick.”

Lyn: “But our producer ended up bleeding in the forehead. He even said there’s a video of it.”

Yes, there is. Check it out!

HK: “He did get a little bump.”

Lyn: “So there are rumors that he gets his fist ready whenever he sees Hongki.”

I can only imagine why… BD

** ‘Five Treasure Box’

Lyn: “Back in the day, I only found you guys young and impressive. But now you all feel like men. So I don’t know what I should do in this small room. But anyways, please tell us about your new album.”

SH: “Our new album is called ‘Five Treasure Box’ and here is Jaejin with more.”

This happens every time and Jaejin gets fooled every time. LOL

JJ: “It’s our official album. It has 10 songs. It’s our first official album in 2-3 years. It also has many of our own works. So in a way, the album has our confidence but also some regret. Everyone, please check it out.”

Lyn: “So cool. I think it’s so cool how you guys are all in your early 20s but are already writing songs.”

** Lonely~ Lonely~

Credit: Pinkoholik @tumblr 

 “Hongki’s shoulder dance performance has gone viral. And his profile looks so pretty when he’s standing to his side. You can’t look prettier than a girl. Did you practice the move or was it impulsive?”

HK: “It was impulsive. As you know, we don’t have dance choreography. But to just compete with singing, so many artists these days have strong performances. So we really needed something that’ll stand out, and I wanted something for ‘lonely, lonely’ part when we were shooting the MV. At first, we were just fooling around but then…”

Lyn: “Then it became your choreography.”

HK: “At first, our company told me not to do it. But I did it anyway, and many people like it.”

Lyn: “It’s cute. And everybody looks so cool on stage too.”

** TVXQ & FT Island

Lyn: “TVXQ named FT Island as impressive juniors.”

FT Island: “Thank you.”

Lyn: “You guys beat out all those countless SM artists. How do you feel?”

HK: “We really like those two. Whenever we meet, we talk a lot about music. They really like rock music too. And also, we have much performance experience as they do. So they always tell us we are getting good experience.”

Lyn: “I think it’s a blessing to have a mentor like that. Then how about a group FT Island finds…”

 “Korean girl groups.”

Lyn: “Girl groups…”

HK: “All of them.”

Lyn: “All of them.”

– ‘I Wish’ by FT Island –

** FT Island’s Love Story

Lyn: “Many musicians say if you want to write a good song or perform well, you must fall in love. FT Island members are good at both writing songs and performing. Are you in love?”

HK: “I want to~~~”

JJ: “No wonder Hongki is so good at singing lately…”

SH: “It’s thanks to his experience, right?”

HK: “But you know…I’m lonely lately.”

FT Island: “We don’t.”

HK: “When I don’t have a girlfriend, I tell you. When I do, I just cough.”

– Seunghyun coughed for Hongki –

HK: “Seunghyun, you must be seeing someone.”

SH: “Me?”

– Coughs –

SH: “I’m the opposite.”

Lyn: “You guys may not be dating right now, but you all have dated, right?”

FT Island: “Yes.”

Lyn: “Being honest is a trend lately.”

HK: “We talked about this way too much on air.”

Lyn: “Your company must not like that.”

FT Island:
 “Our company gave up on us. Even our fans gave up too.”

HK: “Jaejin even had a news article out about him.”

JJ: “I got bunch of those.”

Lyn: “What did they say? Breakup?”

 “Yes, because I revealed my breakup story. “

HK: “Our fans weren’t even angry about it. They actually comforted Jaejin. And you know what they said to me? ‘Hongki, we are fine with you dating. Just don’t get dumped.’ They are so cool.”

Lyn: “Here is a question just in case you guys are hiding something. In the new album, you took part in composing and writing five songs. Is that right?”

FT Island: “Yes.”

Lyn: “Do you all agree that your personal experiences naturally affect your music?”

JH: “I agree but that’s not for the music. It’s for the lyrics.”

Lyn: “So you are saying melody doesn’t matter.”

JH: “I don’t think it does for me. I think it’s more for the lyrics.”

Lyn: “Why? I think of sad melody when I’m feeling down.”

HK: “I do too.”

JH: “But Hongki and you are vocalists. So the only way we can express our feelings is through lyrics.”

HK: “I personally really like the melody Jonghun hums when he’s drunk. But he always forgets it when he wakes up the next day.”

JH: “But that’s alcohol’s job.”

MH: “Just record it next time.”

Lyn: “You can record it with your cell phone. Let’s hear that alcohol-inspired tune.”

 “So I read through all the lyrics reflecting on each word…”

FT Island: “What a lie.”

Lyn: “I’m sorry. And I made a surprising discovery. While the songs by Jonghun, Jaejin, Minhwan and Seunghyun talk about dreams and hopes, the ones by Hongki like ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘Compass’ are about love. He must have a lot of experience with love.”

MH: “There must be a reason…”

JH: “Hongki did date when he wrote those lyrics.”

HK: “The lyrics for both songs are really based on my experience. For ‘Stay with me,’ I thought I was really in love but it turned out I was the only one feeling that way. And for ‘Compass,’ it’s about an unfortunate goodbye.”

Lyn: “Why are all the titles in English?”

HK: “The Korean title for ‘Compass’ is ‘That Road.’”

Lyn: “This must be for international fans.”

JH: “Title does not matter.”

Lyn: “I see.”

HK: “It’s the content that matters.”

Lyn: “Girls tend to catch Spring while guys catch Fall.”

*Catching/feeling a season means people easily get emotional and feel lonely during that particular season. In Korean guys’ case, they apparently get especially lonely in the Fall.

HK: “I do catch Fall, I catch it, I feel it 100%, I really do, I do so easily.”

Lyn: “He really must be feeling it to say it like that.”

HK: “I really do.”

Lyn: “How? Give us an example.”

HK: “Well, there are a lot of taxis, right? I catch Fall like catching a cab.”

Lyn: “That was so poetic. What about the rest of you?”

JH: “I like being alone. When I catch Fall, I end up being by myself. Are you calling me a liar? I really want to be alone.”

 “I get really lonely. But I just listen to a lot of emotional songs so I can enjoy that feeling. “

Lyn: “So you experience hitting the rock bottom and then climbing back up.”

 “And then he makes a mistake.”

 “What kind of a mistake?”

We’ll leave that up to your imagination. ㄱ_ㄱ hehehehehe

Lyn: “What about you, Seunghyun?”

SH: “I go for a drive. I really want to travel…”

HK: “Go for a drive with who?”

SH: “What?”

HK: “With who?”

SH: – Coughs –

Lyn: “But you have to be careful driving. What about you, Jaejin?”

JJ: “Fall skies are so pretty, right? So I just look up at the sky. I think I like looking at sceneries.”

HK: “But Jaejin doesn’t have the time to think about those things lately.”

Lyn: “Why not?”

HK: “Because he still has a wound in his heart.”

JJ: “Hey, I don’t have such thing.”

Lyn: “Wow, a strong man!”

JJ: “I’m a cool guy.”

Lyn: “Yeah, but saying that you don’t have a wound isn’t all that sexy. Because wouldn’t missing her a little and feeling a little hurt be the mannered thing to do?”

SH: “That’s how I am.”

Lyn: “If any of you have anything to say to your ex-girlfriend, you can leave a voice message.”

HK: “Go ahead, Jaejin.”

JJ: “I got nothing to say.”

 “So cool.”

SH: “Then tell her you got nothing to say.”

JJ: “What?”

HK: “Just say hi. Go!”

JJ: “Do I really do this? Erm…”

JJ: “Hey, how are you doing? Weather has gotten chilly lately, so be careful not to catch cold. And let’s see each other again later. Ok.”

 “I’ll leave a message too.”

HK: “OMG why???”

JH: “Please bring up the music.”

JJ: “This is so random.”

 “I don’t know how you are doing but I do hear about you time to time. We didn’t mutually agree to break up. I’m still sad about that. I have a big bruise on my heart. I imagine it’s the same for you too. And I hope we get to catch up later. I have no regrets. Be well.”

MH: “You said you don’t have regrets.”

 “I don’t. I just told her to be well.”

Lyn: “But he said it so cool. I think if I was his girlfriend, I’d feel sad.”

JH: “I am sad.”

HK: “Jonghun was really sad before. He’s just finally starting to get back on his feet. You should’ve heard him on air. He was like, ‘we didn’t agree to break up. I am so heartbroken.’”

Lyn: “As everyone falls in and out of love, I hope FT Island only get to enjoy love as beautiful as a flower.”

– ‘One Word’ By FT Island –

This song was featured on 2008 SBS drama ‘On Air,’ starring Kim Hanuel and late Park Yong Ha.

Lyn: “We’ve just heard ‘One Word’ by FT Island. This is a really old song but it’s still nice.”

JH: “It’s been a while for us too.”

SH: “The song reminds me of when Jonghun sang it on radio. I want to hear it again today.”

JH: “Are you insane? Let’s skip that.”

Lyn: “Just sing a little bit.”

JH: “No.”

Lyn: “Oh, come on.”

JH: “The one word I cannot say….erm, what?”

FT Island: “One, two, one, two, three four…”

JH: “The one word I cannot say…”

– Click To Listen To Jonghun’s FAIL – 
MH: “OMG, his face turned so red.”

HK: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so red.”

Lyn: “But if Jonghun can sing well…”

JH: “That’d be a foul.”

JJ: “He called it a foul himself! Wow!”

Ok, moving on.

** FT Island’s Top 3 Autumn Songs

FT Island members personally selected three songs to help you get through this lonely season.

Song #1: ‘Paradise’ by PSY

Lyn: “This is by today’s hottest star PSY. Who picked this one?”

JH: “I did.”

Lyn: “Why?”

JH: “This is the first song I listen to when it’s Fall. It brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. And I listened to it often when I was walking around alone.”

JJ: “The days when he felt lost.”

JH: “This was always in my mp3 player. Mp3 players back then had small memory space so I had only one song in mine. And that was ‘Paradise’ by PSY. If you listen to the lyrics…”

HK: “You want to go on a trip.”

Lyn: “And you want to be in love.”

JH: “Yes…but if you listen to the lyrics, this is about regret. It’s about a break up but remembering the days. If you listen to this song when feeling down, it can sound offensive. But when you listen to it when you are happy, it’s a good song. I like it a lot.”

Song 2: ‘You Are To Me, I’m To You’ by Scene of Riding Bicycle

Lyn: “I think pretty much everyone knows this song. Who picked this one?”

SH: “Mr. Seunghyun did.”

HK: “Mr. Seunghyun?”

 “Seunghyun did.”

Lyn: “Okay. This song was featured in movie ‘Classic.’ Why did you pick this song?”

SH: “At first, I didn’t know this song was in ‘Classic.’ But this was the first song I practiced on a classic guitar when I was a trainee. It was Fall back then too. So this song came to my mind.”

Lyn: “Isn’t the song so beautiful?”

SH: “Yes, I really like it. Like you want to ride a bicycle…”

HK: “Ride a bicycle with who?”

SH: -Cough-

Song 3: ‘Bubibu’ by A Pink

“It’s good just to hear your name. It’s good just to hear your voice…”

JH: “It is really nice just to hear their voice.”

JJ: “Right? Doesn’t it cheer you up?”

HK: “I want to feel like the moment when it’s good just to hear the voice.”

Lyn: “This is A Pink’s song. Who picked this one?”

JJ: “I did.”


JJ: “What do you mean? Why?”

Lyn: “Jaejin, who is your favorite A pink member?”

JJ: “Actually, Minhwan really liked Bomi.”

Lyn: “Why are you bringing Minhwan into this?”

 “That story is really famous. But now I’m trying to steal her.”

HK: “Jaejin used to be all about Chorong.”

SH: “Love is for you to take.”

Lyn: “Can you suddenly switch to Bomi from Chorong?”

JJ: “It’s because I’m catching Fall.”

HK: “He’s a reed.”

JJ: “What did you say?”

HK: “You are a reed.”

*Reed shakes side to side easily on a windy day

Lyn: “Does Chorong or Bomi know about this?”

 “Not at all.”

Lyn: “So it’s just you guys fighting for them.”

SH: “We are at war.”

HK: “This is how all guys look at girl groups.”

Lyn: “Do you have a song you want to hear out of these three?”

HK: “Scene of riding bicycle.”

Lyn: “Ok, we’ll listen to Scene of riding bicycle’s ‘You are to me, I’m to you.’”

– ‘You are to me, I’m to you’ by Scene of Riding Bicycle –

** Q & A with FT Island

Q 1. FT Island vs. CNBLUE

Lyn: “Sometimes, you get compared to CNBLUE because you are under the same company. Do you feel pressured by that?”

MH: “Many people don’t even know we are under the same company. But we are really close. We run into each other a lot. We are friendly rivals. We are really good friends and we talk about music a lot together. But sometimes when we see them practicing, we notice something that we also want to try out.”

Lyn: “So it is a friendly rivalry.”

MH: “Yes.”

Lyn: “What are some of the differences between CNBLUE and FT Island?”

 “We have five members.”

JJ: “What a big difference.”

HK: “When we perform, my hands are free so I can pretty be much all over the stage. But CNBLUE can’t be as active because Yonghwa also plays the guitar.”
Lyn: “Many idols recently get into acting. Even CNBLUE members are getting a lot of attention through it. Does FT Island want to turn into an acting idol as well?”

JH: “First, we should be good at it.”

 “That’s a good point.”

JH: “We’ve thought through this.”

HK: “I was an actor.”

Lyn: “That’s right.”

SH: “Minhwan was an actor too.”

MH: “Why would you bring that up?”

SH: “Don’t hide it.”

Lyn: “Don’t argue.”

SH: “He appeared in a commercial too.”

Lyn: “Why are you turning red, Minhwan?”

JH: “It’s only Minhwan and me who are turning red.”

– Minhwan and Jonghun were sitting next to each other opposite from the rest three –

 “It must run in the Choi family.”

Lyn: “I think all five FT island members will look good acting because you guys are so handsome. But Jonghun is right. You have to be do well.”

Lyn: “Hongki, you are shooting a movie lately.”

HK: “Yes, it’s temporarily called ‘Phoenix.’ It’s about a hospice. It’s a funny but also heart warning movie.”

Q2. In Korea vs. Abroad

Lyn: “You guys went to Thailand recently, right?”

HK: “Yes.”

Lyn: “You guys must be so busy shooting a movie, performing…”

HK: “Being an MC.”

Lyn: “Being an MC. So it’s not an exaggeration to say you guys are spreading all over the world. What are some of the differences between working in Korea and working abroad?”

HK: “In Korea, we are under a tight schedule. But abroad, it’s more relaxed.”

Lyn: “What else?”

SH: “The language.”

Lyn: “But many fans know Korean.”

FT Island: “Yes.”

HK: “Simple words.”

MH: “Even if they don’t, Hongki keeps talking in Korean.”

HK: “I’m teaching them.”

MH: “Yes, he teaches them.”

Lyn: “What a patriot.”

 “Yeah, I tell them. I thought them Korean when we performed in America last time too.”

 “Good job.”

HK: “I was like play is ‘nolja,’ and you is ‘neo.’”

Lyn: “You did the right thing. Korean is very unique and fun for many people to follow along.”

Q3. Recent Difficulties

JH: “Each day is tiring.”

JJ: “Nice.”

 “When we compare ourselves to other idols, we feel our faces are a bit yellow.”

HK: “We are yellow, work-out…”

Lyn: “Why?”

HK: “Because there are so many fresh faces lately.”

Lyn: “That’s not true. You know I worked with Mighty Mouth lately. When I saw other artists rehearsing in waiting rooms. I thought FT Island looked the prettiest.”

FT Island: “Yeah right~”

Lyn: “I guess that’s how I feel.”

Q4. Any recent problems with members?

SH: “I don’t think we have any recently.”

HK: “I do have something I’m upset about when we are on music programs.”

Lyn: “Like eating at different times?”

HK: “No. As you know, I have to sing live. But other members technically can’t. So they sleep in waiting room like there’s no tomorrow. I can’t sleep in case my throat clogs up. But they sleep until they are dead. And they say they are tired.”

JH: “Hongki, when you played game like there’s no tomorrow, we practiced like there’s no tomorrow.”

FT Island: “Whoa~”

HK: “So you guys practice for concerts. I practice while playing game too. I can multi-task and remember the lyrics.”

Lyn: “You are all so good about your individual task. But I guess Hongki thought that was unfair.”

HK: “But like I said, when we have concerts, they are the ones who have to work hard, and when we are promoting, I’m work the hardest.”

MH: “There are times for hardships.”

Lyn: “Minhwan is so mature. He was nodding as he said that.”

HK: “But I do have a difficulty I want to talk about.”

Lyn: “What is it?”

HK: “I have an unusually narrow vocal cord. It’s really tiny. So whenever I go to hospital, doctor always tells me that it’s really difficult for me to sing for a long time with my vocal cord. He says the benefit of my vocal cord is that I can easily hit high notes. But at the same time, if I sing too much, the vocal cord gets easily damaged. So it’s difficult for me to carry on a tight schedule in Korea.”

Lyn: “Fans should get you everything that’s good for your throat.”

HK: “I eat them.”

Lyn: “I actually got a lot of candies from the hospital. They are good for the throat. But I forgot them today. I’m sorry. I’ll give them to you later.”

Q5.  Dear FNC…

HK: “We actually had a meeting with our company president while we were in Thailand. It was very…”

MH: “I listened to him very carefully.”

HK: “Did you listen?”

MH: “Yes.”

HK: “I told him everything I wanted to say.”

 “Really? I only listened to him. But anyways, what I want to ask the company is for them to give us some time to relax, give us vacation, and do things easily.”

SH: “I think Minhwan is right because for people to work hard, they need a break too.”

 “You are always on break.”

SH: “We want to go on a trip and…”

JJ: “Who will you go on a trip with?”

SH: – Cough –

Lyn: “Taking a break and coming back with better music is also a way to thank your fans.”

 “And there’s that experience you can only get from traveling.”

SH: “That’s what I mean.”

Lyn: “Other than just falling in and out love, you should look at bigger things in the bigger world. Nature is one thing but you should also go to concerts abroad.”

HK: “This is exactly what we told the company.”

Lyn: “Yes Mr. President, all this is what really helps them grow. Please help them and we’d appreciate it if you get them flight tickets.”

FT Island: “Korea’s best singer is Lyn!”

Lyn: “Thank you. I’ll work hard.”

– ‘Compass (That road) by FT Island –


Source: Hong Jin Kyung’s 2 O’ Clock + 푸른하늘사랑 @Music-Hong (video) + DJ. Pri @tumblr.com


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