Interview mit Joinsmsn (ENG)
1. The person who can drink the most is ___ : Lee Hong Ki
2. The member who seems to be most likely to get married the fastest is ___ : Lee Jae Jin
3. Member who fits the best in cross dressing is ___ : Lee Hong Ki
4. ___ cares about airport fashion the most: Lee Jae Jin
5. The person who I want to steal the body figure from is ___ : Song Seunghyun
6. FTIsland’s ‚real‘ mom’s friend’s son(used to describe boys who can do everything well) is ___ : None
7. Team’s stint is ___ : Choi Jong Hun
8. The greatest slump of my life is ___: after 1st album
9. Role model I want to become like is ___ : Lee Hong Ki
10. Prize that we want to receive the most: Golden Disc Grand Prize
11. Hate comment that you remember? : Are you guys even a band?
12. The song we are most attached to is ___ from ___ album : Meeting, 1st
13. We want to try ____ CF! : Handphone, Coffee, House
14. If I am given 5 days of rest, I would like to do ____ : travel
15. The girl group we are most interested these days is ___ : AOA (cuz we are in the same company but we’re not close)
16. CNBlue is our ___ : enemy (kk)
17. We want to be on stage with ___ : One Ok Rock
18. Praise we received most since debut is: You improved a lot
19. Even if we are busy we always take time to watch ___ : Gag Concert
20. The most shocking present we received from fans is ___: Female undergarment
Credit :
Translated by @FTIslandFacts

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